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Markus Rieder Photography.

Hello, my name is Ing. Markus Rieder. I am an experienced photographer, videographer, and artist from the beautiful Weinviertel region in Lower Austria. For years, my cameras have been loyal companions and have experienced many beautiful moments with me. My goal is to capture these special moments and preserve them for eternity.


My portfolio includes a wide range of services, from wedding photography to business portraits, image films, and 360° tours. I work with the latest camera technology and deliver the highest quality. I see myself as a storyteller and work closely with my clients to capture their stories in a visual way.


As a trained mechanical engineer, I am used to finding new ways to achieve my goals. I do not shy away from using specialized technology and software, such as computer-controlled photo and video heads. This allows me to achieve innovative and creative results. As an NFT artist, I combine my programming skills with my passion for graphic design, photography, and video. I use the possibilities of blockchain technology to present my work as unique digital art.


"Impossible" does not exist for me, I am always ready to take on challenges and expand my skills.