About Me

Photography is my passion and I have made this passion my profession.


I was born in Lower Austria.


During my school days I enjoyed technical education at the HTL Hollabrunn.

I focused on mechanical engineering with a specialization in mechanical and plant engineering.


This education was beneficial for good understanding of technology.

After my apprenticeship, I worked in a technical office, where I also earned my technical engineering title.

With my first salary, I bought a digital SLR camera.


This was the crucial sticking point that made me take up photography.

I had always liked taking photos before, but it would never have occurred to me to do it professionally.


When I discovered my passion, I started thinking about how to deepen my interest further.


Ultimately, I completed various workshops with a wide variety of professional photographers and attended a 2-year photographer's course at the Vienna Photo School.


After successfully completing my training as a professional photographer, I decided to become self-employed.

Today I know very well that I made the right decision.


Over time, I also discovered other things that were possible with my cameras. That's how I got involved with the video functions of my cameras. That is how I discovered my fascination with videos.


As a technician, I always work with new technology, so I like to combine "old" technology with new technology to create new products and lines of business.