NFT Project

MORE THAN A CORN is an NFT Project consisting of 555 individual images.

Each of them is unique.


Each popcorn was selected and set up by hand. No AI and no script helped here.

Truly handmade.


Each finished NFT image was created from around 30 real individual photos. For this purpose, a special photography technique was used, which makes it possible to achieve impossible image sharpness. This technique is called focus stacking.


To do this, an image is recorded at different focal levels and combined using special software. This software searches for the focus level in each image and combines all sharp levels into one super sharp image. Therefore, the resulting field depth is many times greater than the lens itself would allow.

This creates the unique look of each picture.

Drop information:

Daily Drops!

The NFTs are sold back to front. Starting with #500 towards #1

#501 to #555 are special NFTs that are dropped randomly.


The project required around 16,000 individual photos and corresponds to 700GB of photo storage space. These were recorded in raw format with one of the latest & most modern cameras on the market. This means that every single corn is of the highest possible quality.


Each popcorn was handpicked for the project and individually photographed by photographer Markus Rieder in his studio in Vienna. Each picture is therefore linked to a special popcorn and is therefore truly unique.


The idea came about by chance. One day I was sitting comfortably in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn. I happened to have a piece of popcorn in my hand, which I particularly liked visually. This is where the thought came to me... Why not create a project about popcorn? Each popcorn is unique and many people love them as a snack. So they seemed to me to be the perfect basic requirement for such a project. And so the idea was born.


Several months, photo sessions and countless hours of work later, I can now present the finished project.


Many people are interested in how such photos are created and would like to give a little insight into the workflow and the technical background.


The whole project was photographed with a 100mm macro lens. Unfortunately, the problem with normal photos is that lenses only offer a very small focus range. Consequently, one has a problem if one wants to sharply depict a complete popcorn.


In order to solve this, the popcorn must be photographed in all sharpness levels. As a result, this project resulted in about 30 images per popcorn. This can be generated manually or with technical aids for an even subdivision of the levels.

Due to the fact that I am a  mechanical engineer, my solution here was mechanical. Using a gear and a motor.

This way I was able to make sure I got an even and clean solution for all pictures.


Now 16,000 photos have been taken for the project. The work on the computer followed. The images were color corrected and brought to even values. Next step was the Photo stacking program.

This program searches for the sharpest points in each image and merges them together as a completely new image.


Now you have the base for all further steps, such as any optical corrections to get the images displayed nicely and evenly.


Of course it is possible to get every picture as a signed print.


The rule for prints is kept simple.

The current owner of the NFT can request a print by contact, using the contact form or by mail. This only has to provide proof of possession of the NFT. Prints from other NFTs are not possible. If you order a print, the respective NFT will be marked "Printed" here on the website. This clearly and transparently indicates which NFTs are in circulation with print. Aftermarket buyers can also see whether an NFT has already been printed. Only one print is issued per NFT.


Inital Sale Special:

NFTs that are sold over 1 ETH in the initial purchase (direct from the artist) get one print for free. For a 150cm fine art print only the shipping costs are due. For a print of 100cm (Fine Art) and below, worldwide shipping is included.


Print options:

  • Fine Art Print - 150 x 150 cm - signed - 290€
  • Fine Art Print - 100 x 100 - signed - 190€
  • Fine Art Print - 50 x 50 cm - signed - 80€
  • Photo Print - 125 x125 cm - signed - 150€
  • Photo print - 100 x 100 cm - signed - 80€
  • Photo print - 50 x 50 cm - signed - 40€
  • other prints available on request 


All prices are without shipping costs.

These are calculated separately depending on the order size and shipping address.


Further projects of a similar quality and style are already planned for the future.

If you don't want to miss these, then feel free to follow me.


Unfortunately, I can't reveal anything about the planned projects yet.

But I am sure that these will also be very well received.

Special Corns

The first 500 NFTs are created from regular popped popcorn.

But the last 55 pictures are a bit more special.


During the photography process I figured why not include raw and burned popcorn in the project as well.

That would fit well into the concept and some people also enjoy collecting something like this.


In the overall picture, it would have been the more appropriate solution to start the whole project with the individual grains. Like the cycle of a popcorn.

But unfortunately for the attention, these more specific shots had to come to the end of the project.


But I think you will understand this.